Isabelle Huot et Karine answer your questions

We are in luck ladie! We will be supported, encouraged, informed and coached by 2 amazing women. Isabelle Huot and Karine Champagne will answer our questions on the mobile app, stating Monday April 10th.

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No. More. Excuses.

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Let's do it together. For real.

Invite one or two neighbour to joins you. Because the more, the merrier! Go for a walk, a run or a swim, go for yoga, pilates, go rollerblading, hiking or hit the gym... just do it!

This is a great opportunity to meet the fabulous ladies that surrounds you.

How to find a sport partner next door?

On the mobile app, ask the question : Who wants to go for a walk every Monday evening? Name the activity you'd like to practice and your availabilities!

There is already a walking club in your community? Let your neighbours know in the local news section!


You can also look for a neighbour who already enjoys walking or running!

  • Go to the Neighbour menu of your app. at the bottom right
  • Clic on Refine
  • Scroll down and clic on Running ou Walking

Tadam! You will see a yellow dot next to the name of your neighbours who like this activity!

Over 5000 WIM clicked Walking when completing their profile... You might have a walking partner, walking distance form your home!

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